FREE SHIPPING on orders $300+ before tax. To combine shipping with a pending order use code "COMBINESHIP" at checkout.
FREE SHIPPING on orders $300+ before tax. To combine shipping with a pending order use code "COMBINESHIP" at checkout.
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 Are you looking to buy indoor plants online? Or to buy potted plants in Canada? Look no further! 

What does "AS IS" stand for?

“As is” means they are in imperfect condition. They are priced lower than what they would normally be sold at because they need a little bit more love. For example this could be cosmetic damage to the leaves or need to be rerooted. AS IS plants are final sale.

How will I receive my plants after I’ve placed my order?

Options include: local pickup/delivery in Guelph and Canada wide shipping with express couriers such as UPS, Fedex, Canpar and Purolator. 

Where is local pickup?

Pick up is available in Guelph, ON Canada. We are home-based so pick up is house front. When your order is ready for pick up, you will receive a message. Usually orders are ready within 24-48 hours. Contactless can be arranged when weather is 15 degrees and over. 


We offer Canada wide shipping. Shipments usually go out on the Monday or Tuesday following order. 

To combine shipping with an unfulfilled order please use code “COMBINESHIP” at checkout.

We are not responsible for damages due to shipping or delays.  Buyer is responsible for all shipping risks. Please understand ALL the risks attributed with buying live plants online.


How do you pack and ship the plants?

Plants are typically shipped in soil, moss or in growing medium depending on the plant. Sometimes it includes plastic or net pot.

Payment Methods

We accept etransfer and credit card

Returns & Replacement

To to the nature of our business exchanges/refunds will be on a case by case basis. If you have concerns about a plants after they are in customer possession please reach out within 24 hours. Under no circumstance will a refund/return be offered if a plant has been transplanted from the medium/pot it was received in.Your happiness is our focus and we will make sure to create the most positive plant experiences for you. Please send an email to with any questions or concerns.

Orders pending pickup/delivery/shipment will be subjected to a 15% restocking fee if cancelled before the order leaves our facilities. Please be sure about what you are buying before confirming sale through payment. 


Do you ship to the USA?

Unfortunately we are very limited on what we are able to ship to the USA as most of our plants are imported and kept in Canada for under one year. To be able to ship these plants into the USA an Import Permit is required for originating country such as Indonesia or Thailand. Please contact us if you have an import permit and would like to order. Some of our plants may not require this but would mostly be baby Alocasia's grown from our motherplants. 

Phyto process: It takes approximately 1 week to get phyto certificate. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Processing will take approx 1.5-2 weeks from time of order. 



All my anthuriums are imported from Indonesia. Indonesia is known for having a lot of mixed hybrids of anthuriums. I sell these plants as the names I am purchasing them. I try my best to get the correct names from my seller but because of the long lineage of breeding/hybridizing, this may not always 100% accurate. Most of them are also grown from seed which means babies from the same batch may have a lot of variance in appearance. I suggest purchasing an anthurium based off the enjoyment of its appearance versus its name.